October 3, 2021

what are the pros and cons of a ketogenic diet?

What are the pros and cons of a ketogenic diet?

 ketogenic diet

ketogenic diet

​Let’s go over a few pros and cons of a ketogenic diet. Since many start with keto in hopes of fast weight loss, your nutrition needs some help to understand exactly how ketosis works.

Familiarity: Ketosis is a natural break between non-ketones and ketones. At the beginning of ketosis, the body starts to break down fat into ketones. After which the pancreas begins to convert these ketones into glucose via a process called glycosidic mechanism.​

Exercise: By avoiding sugars and alcohols, ketones produced by the liver will help the body burn off fat. Not only do they allow the body to burn fat, but they can also help you feel full and help manage your weight. In addition, exercise can help you lose fat and bulk up which can make ketosis easier.

Fat Burning: When the body is unable to break down fat as part of normal eating habits the fat in your diet is converted into ketones.​

Rewards: One study claims that the Ketogenic diet can reduce your bad eating habits by more than 75%.​

Promise: Since ketosis is much easier when you eat foods that are high in ketones the person adapting to ketoses, such as berries, fish, or avocado, will be able to start losing weight much faster.​

Potential disadvantages:

Fear of weight gain: Since ketosis is in a state of ketosis the individual loses his/her appetite and in addition when you eat foods containing excess fat and carbs your metabolism goes up.​

Binge eating: Ketosis can cause a person to have cravings for fast food.​

Too much fat: The ketone only works if the body has already broken down the fat into ketones. When the body is not working properly it results in rapid weight gain.​

Fluoride in your gut: Ketones can be mistaken for diarrhea. To curb this, it is recommended to switch to high carb or high-fat foods, ​​to avoid ketones in your system.

​Strong claim: Ketosis can reduce your bad eating habits by more than 75%.

Finest and most scientific product: When you break down fat into ketones the process is done two times a day.

Practical tip for ketosis: When the body is not working the body breaks down fats and juices. When you break down fluids, it can cause you to feel full and increase your desire to snack on junk food.​

Application: Ketosis can be done on its own, or you can add low carb foods to your diet like fruits and vegetables which can be easy to make.​

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