March 29, 2021

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How To Make Iced Green Tea Like Starbucks

Make Iced Green Tea Like Starbucks

Make Iced Green Tea Like Starbucks

How To Make Iced Green Tea Like Starbucks: If you’ve grown keen on Starbucks’ iced tea and are looking to avoid wasting yourself some money by lowering on your Starbucks visit, continue reading to seek out out the way to make your own inexpensive iced tea leaf.

The most refreshing homemade Starbucks Iced Green Lemonade recipe that’s simple to create using only a few ingredients reception.


  • A 1-gallon pitcher
  • 8 Tazo tea bags
  • 14 cups of water
  • Sugar 1 cup and one cup of organic honey
  1. Boil 8 Tazo tea bags in water, in a very large saucepan

Boil 4 cups of water in a very large saucepan along with your 8 Tazo tea leaf bags for 2 minutes. Starbuck uses Tazo branded tea leaf, to form their iced tea. So if you would like your homemade iced tea leaf to taste similar to Starbucks’ iced tea it’s well worth trying to induce your hands on some Tazo branded tea bags.

However, if you’re unable to search out Tazo tea leaf bags, you’ll be able to still create a refreshing, mouth-watering iced tea, using any brand of tea that you just can find at your local market.

  1. Remove your saucepan from its element

Turn your element off and take away your saucepan from its element and place it on a chilly element. Let your tea bags seep into your water for a quarter-hour.

  1. Place your sugar or organic honey into your pitcher

Next, place your cup of sugar or a cup of organic honey into your 1-gallon pitcher. While your teabags still seep into the water in your saucepan.

  1. Remove your teabags from your water

Remove your teabags from your water employing a pair of tongs or a spoon and throw your used tea bags away.

  1. Pour your tea water into your pitcher

Now pour your tea-infused water into your pitcher, which already included your sugar or honey. so as to combine your ingredients use a wooden or plastic spoon with a protracted handle so as to stir around the ingredients of your kitchen. As you’ll want your sugar or honey to completely dissolve into your liquid.

  1. Refrigerate your tea leaf for several hours

It’s also well worth letting your tea sit in your fridge for a pair of hours so your tea will transform into iced tea.

  1. Serve your iced tea with an ice

When it comes time to serve your iced tea leaf, pour your iced tea on top of crushed ice or ice cubes, so as to make sure that your iced tea leaf is suitably chilled. If you wish to feature a touch of additional flavor to your iced tea, simply place a slice of lemon in your Starbuck’s inspired iced tea. As lemon compliments the flavor of tea leaf.

Alternative instructions:

Alternatively, if you don’t want to use teabags so as to make your own homemade iced tea leaf, you’ll want to be told a way to make tea concentrate. As you’ll be able to also use iced tea concentrate so as to form delicious homemade iced tea leaf.

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